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Steve Campana

Certified Mental Management Coach


Steve Campana is a Certified Public Accountant, a recognized Professional Billiards Instructors Association (PBIA) instructor and the author of the original pocket billiard drill book Black Belt Billiards released in 2002.

He coached his daughter’s ASA softball team and was the off season coach for the high school team from 1996 through 2003 and umpired high school softball for several years after his daughter’s graduation.

Steve was an active practitioner of martial arts from ages 33 through 50 earning a Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do and a second-degree brown belt in Shorei-Ryu Karate.

While Steve has been a life-long student of personal improvement and the positive impact a strong mental game and attitude can have on sporting endeavors, business, and life it was a serendipitous encounter in the winter of 2021 that led Steve to discover Lanny Bassham and the Mental Management System while watching an interview featuring professional pool player Tony Robles who gave a shout out to the book With Winning in Mind.

After devouring the book and introducing himself to Lanny Bassham to learn firsthand about the Mental Management System his passion for lifelong learning and helping others made it crystal clear that becoming a certified Mental Management Coach would allow him to positively impact the lives of others by sharing this passion and the Mental Management System long after his upcoming retirement from the practice of public accounting.

Steve’s aim is to coach mental management skills to athletic participants, students, and parents in an environment that is fun, challenging, rewarding, and in a manner that enriches the lives of all participants.

Steve provides both virtual and in-person instruction in the Mental Management System, putting and the art of deliberate training.

Steve Campana


Your Mental Game & Training Habits

Mental management is the process of improving the probability of having a consistent mental performance under pressure, on demand.

Steve is a certified level III
mental management coach

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“Success is peace of mind attained only through self-satisfaction in knowing you made the effort to do the best of which you are capable.”
John Wooden, UCLA basketball coach.

Parenting Champions

What every parent should know about the mental game.

Golfer practicing putt

Mastering Self-Image

Your self-image is who you become.  Let Campana Performance Coaching and Consulting help you master your self-image.

Golfer lining up his putt

Running A Mental System

Learn how to apply and run a mental system.

Fundamentals of Mental Management

Learn the fundamentals of mental management with Campana Performance Coaching and Consulting.

Recommended Books

Campana Performance Coaching and Consulting recommended books from Mental Management Systems. Use code CAMPANA10 at checkout to receive 10% off your order.  Does not apply to already discounted items.

Parenting Champions

Parents are the first and most important mental coach a child has in their life yet parents are not taught how to help their competitive child build their mental toughness for sport, or any other competitive environment.  

This book helps equip parents with understanding the mental game and how they can better help their children grow.

Fore the Mind - The mental program for golf

Lessons from an unknown mentor transform a competitive player’s mental approach to golf. Struggling on tour Kevin needs to gain consistency. Written lessons start to appear in his golf bag that transform his game from inconsistent to reliable. Troy Bassham uses this short, unique and compelling story to grab the attention of the reader while outlining the Mental Management Mental Program for competitive golf.

With Winning In mind

“With Winning in Mind” is the foundational book in the Mental Management Training System focusing on the ability to control your mind under pressure for sports, performance, business environments and overall personal growth!

Attainment - The 12 Elements of Elite Performance

Learn the 12 Elements of Elite Performance!

What separates the best from the rest?

Master Level Mental Management Coach, Troy Bassham, includes the 3 step training rule, becoming mentally strong, building Self-Image, taking advantage of opportunity, passion, participation levels and much, much more!

Freedom Flight - The origins of mental power

Inspired by true events this 96-page book includes 15 success principles and packs a powerful punch to those who choose the experience the flight of their life – their Freedom Flight. Take back your freedom, break down the walls to your self-imposed prison and reach for your dreams.

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