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About Xchange

General Information

How do leaders, entrepreneurs and change agents (consultants, trainers, coaches) enable a team, community or organization to come alive – to be at its very best – more naturally, effectively, and faster than ever before?

We have never known as much as we do today in our collective search for the answer to this question. The XCHANGE Approach and training offers a proven answer to this question and is being adopted by a newly emergent group of “leader facilitators” – trainers, facilitators and leaders of teams, organizations and communities who recognize the collective calling for a new type of leadership.

The world is calling for a new style of leadership built around the ability to:

  • Design and facilitate new conversations
  • Craft questions that draw upon and engage collective strengths
  • Allow groups to quickly co-create and enroll in shared purpose, vision and action
  • Enable complex and strategic change – not only in individuals – but also at the scale of the whole system (team, division, organization, community)

…and to do all of this – rapidly, naturally and effectively!

The XCHANGE Approach is built on a proven foundation which has been called upon to lead cultural transformations, strategic planning, leadership development, community building and dramatic whole system changes. XCHANGE draws from a convergence of evidence-based sciences and practices: Neuroscience, Positive Psychology, Appreciative Inquiry, Biomimicry, Sustainable Value Creation, Emotional Intelligence, Experiential Learning and more. XCHANGE specifically engineers conversations which rapidly accelerate Psychological Safety, Connection, Inclusion, Shared Sense of Purpose, Powerful Future Visions and Inspired Action.

Application View

XCHANGE benefits to organizations

The application of XCHANGE is viewed in two categories:

First, in Teams or Organizations

XCHANGE has been successfully applied to deliver a range of powerful outcomes in both nonprofit and for-profit organizations, at the level of teams and at scale of entire organizations. Some of the most powerful applications of the approach are to guide groups through an experience which crowdsources their wisdom, their strengths and their insights to….

» Identify or create a shared identity

  • Connect to a powerful or even transcendent purpose
  • Transform culture
  • Identify and map out individual and collective strengths
  • Amplify, reconnect to or create shared mission, vision, values or guiding work principles

» Shape the future

  • Collectively create inspiring images of the future
  • Innovate and design around strategic initiatives
  • Identify significant opportunity areas and/or solve complex problems
  • Generate action plans and commitments

XCHANGE is often used to design and facilitate multi-day, large group summits to achieve outcomes in both of these areas, either online or in-person.

Second, in Learning Environments

XCHANGE has been used to dramatically transform how people come together to learn from one another via a training, conference, retreat, workshop, seminar, industry conference or mastermind meeting by engaging active participation, which deepens the learning impact. Applications range from complex, multi-day, large group industry conferences to smaller retreats and workshops. Significant value can be delivered at both the individual and community level through application of this approach.

» Transform the learning environment

  • Move learning experiences from passive and demoralizing to active and energizing
  • Dramatically multiply the value and lasting transformation of participants
  • Rapidly crowdsource wisdom from within the experience and strengths of the audience

» Rapidly and effectively allow individuals and communities to:

  • Connect with their strengths
  • Create visions for their future
  • Commit to immediate action

Regardless of the application or environment, XCHANGE is the art and science of…

Designing questions and choreographing conversations to simultaneously unlock the three outcomes required to tap into a group’s collective wisdom or “Group Genius”:

  • Individual Capital: the key to shifting individuals from demoralized and .. all the way to fully engaged and thriving, while elevating their individual skills, experiences and wisdom
  • Relational Capital: enable relationships to feel deeply, authentically connected and radically safe, which leads to better collaboration, engagement and commitment
  • Communal Capital: move away from feelings of dysfunction or shared victimhood… all the way to shared identity which accelerates co-created visions, strategies, ideas and solutions into

All of this works because XCHANGE designs and facilitates connection and inclusion of EVERY voice in a group… guaranteeing the fastest way to maximum psychological safety. In a world where hard work and information are becoming commodities, XCHANGE unlocks passion and creativity!